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This is just a little gift art for the adorable lovelylittlekoneko!!I asked her if she could a design a diaper a while back. And now we are here! I hope you like it Koneko! X) I’ll call these diapers, The Little Konekos… because I suck at names. I hope I got your hair right, its a very unique hairstyle! Also, I put Shiro’s crown on your head because NO GAME NO LIFE IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER (behind Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)from littlewildfyre :)(PS. I’m very much a beginner at this art thing, so I don’t know how to do ruffles, lacy dresses, the little wrinkles in the sleeves or how to design a better looking diaper. I SUUUUUUUUCK sorry!)
This is the most amazingly nice thing anyone has ever done!!! Thank you so much! it is absolutely fantastic!!!! 


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Eeyore was always a wise old grump!

Happy Daddy’s Day to all the precious couples. To the littles and the bigs, girls and boys, with and without partners. Today is special whether you’ve found your Daddy yet or not; whether you have a little girl or a little boy to tell you so, or not.
Today is special.
You’re special.
Happy Daddy’s Day.

Abby and I playing w ponies while we shoot an adorable set together. This girl is so much fun to play w and get into all kinda of trouble w!

A cute little teaser of Sasha Knox and I for ABdreams.com. I had such a fun time playing Mommy to this adorable little girl. ☺️

I feel pretty

Never forget that you don’t have to be a Daddy to be a Caregiver! ANYONE can be a Caregiver, and just one of the many Caregiver roles is Mommy Domme. I made this shout out because I’m a Mommy to my little one and I feel like 90% of Ageplay dominant love goes to Daddies only… There’s nothing wrong with being a Daddy Dom. I’m not dissing you Daddies out there. You’re awesome! I just think us Mommies need a bit more love and recognition. :)

Kitten mittens and ugly diaper. 

I love my bib!
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Please take good care of yourself! ♡
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nom >.>